What is the different between Rolfing and massage?

[Is Rolfing like a massage aspect or alignment? ]
  It is more manipulation than it is massage but it is more close to resemble to massage in terms of how it looks it has been done than they would go to Chiropractor for adjustment that make it fast movement. Rolfing is deep flow and gentle manipulation  of soft tissue in the body.
  Rolfing works for all types of people, all different types of issues such as  kids, 30~40’s who start feeling the affect of time on their body relate to injury etc..

[Does Rolfer align the body? What do client expect of Rolfing?]
Rolfers look at how these segments in their body put together, joint to joint, like how your knee joints relate to hip joint,how does the spine align, what the angle of pelvis is… Rolfer are looking how does the body balance in the gravity and do manipulation for helping how the body agree with itself more fluid.