littleboy_2.5x1.4What is Rolfing?

Rolfing™ Structural Integration is a specialized technique that uses hands- on work and movement to improve body posture alignment and facilitate greater flexibility. Along with working your tissue, your Rolfer™ will help you to learn to optimize your body structure (posture) and movements (function).


What are the benefits?

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Many people report relief from

  • Chronic discomfort
  • Postural imbalance
  • Repetitive strains
  • Sore muscles

These are just some of the benefits of Rolfing.  A Rolfer can treat athletes, moms, musicians, and dancers. Tradespeople, professionals, kids and seniors can all benefit from Rolfing.

Is your body a Rolfed body?  ~The basic ten series~

The basic Rolfing ten series creates the foundation and adaptability to change. It guides the client to a higher level of body awareness and healthy states, natural healing ability itself. It is the hallmark of Rolfing Structural Integration that following the ten series systematically balances and optimizes both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body.

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Never been Rolfed?

If you are new to Rolfing or have never done the basic ten series, we strongly recommend doing the basic ten session series. Again, Rolfing consists of the process of restoring and regaining the essence of the body from the foundation. Your house will collapse again without a nice, solid foundation.

Haven’t decided if I get through the ten series?

Taking the first three sessions is a good introduction to Rolfing. These sessions focus on the surface layers, preparing the body for deeper work. They can also be of benefit by themselves.

How long are the sessions?

Allow an hour and half for your first session and 75~90 min for following appointments. Rolfers determin session length depends on session goals, the intensity of the day’s work, health history, client energy level and ability to integrate work. They are just a few of the factors that Rolfer consider.


In Session

[What to wear]

Most clients receive work in their undergarment. Briefs are best for men: traditional panties and bra work well for women. If you are not comfortable with this stage of undress,  two piece bathing suit or a pair of short,cotton gym shorts is a good choice. We can work with a variety of clothing, just keep the following in mind:

・You must be comfortable. Unlike massage, Rolfing requires you to get up from the table and walk around periodically.

・Clothing should not pinch or bind. If you can lie on the table and pull one knee to your chest without resistance, you are in good shape.

・Clothing should allow us to view and work your upper legs, mid-back and neck.

[What Not to wear]

・ Fragrance. Many clients are highly-sensitive to smells. Even pleaasant ones. Sorry to ask, but please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne when you come for a session.

・Moisturizer,lotion or oils. Lotion on your skin makes it difficult to manupulate tissue layers effectively. The day of your session, it is helpful if you refrain from applying any type of moisturizer (or oil, especially) that does not completely absorb into your skin.

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