Jellyfish Club (Open space)

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Let’s Stretch out and enjoy resilient and buoyant bodies. Welcome to the Jellyfish Club!

What is the Jellyfish Club, you ask? It is an opportunity to join me in exploring the body’s flexibility.  If you enjoy yoga, you’ll love the Jellyfish Club. It is a chance to move your body freely in three dimensions while your mind moves in four.

You’re welcome to come and bring your friends every Saturday morning from 9:00-10:15AM — let’s explore together!

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  • Meditate & free your mind within your body

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

  • Rest

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Benefits of the Jellyfish Club:

  • Experience Kita Sound Healing (as seen on Dr. Oz)
  • Meet with friends both old and new


  • Share how your body is feeling

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  • Enjoy the freedom of directed movement


The Jellyfish Club is the perfect time to ask me questions about movement, continuing education, Sound Therapy, Reflexology and Rolfing. (Especially if you are on the process of Rolfing series, or done the series, as a follow-up opportunity.)


When : Saturday 9am-10:15am ( start from Jan 18, 2014)

Where : Vital Health Medical & Wellness – Kitsilano Location

1855 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (between Cypress & Burrard)

Would you like to come? Drop-by or call me at 604.315.6140

See you there!