Hay fever

Hi Everyone,

Although the weather is still cold in Sydney, I can feel that spring is coming because I, and the people around me, are suffering from hay fever.

I had an embarrassing conversation with my housemate:

“How are you, Coko?”

“Yeah, I’m ok.  I’m just suffering from ‘high fever’.”

“Oh, no, how high is your temperature?”

“No, I don’t have high temperature, I have high fever, you know the pollen.”

“Oh, you mean hay fever!”

Anyway, when you get hay fever, the lining of the nose gets damaged, meaning the sinuses don’t function well.  The nose and ears have a very important role in balancing your body.

Keep your nose cavity and membrane clean by washing and gargling often during the day.

I also recommend reflexology.  Reflexology has a good effect on your physical functions and your body and soul have a lot of reflex points in all areas of your body.  I will prepare aromatherapy and effective essential oils for your hay fever.

Since I have a new website, I am giving away 10 minutes free during the month of August (valid until 31st August 2011). Give me a call (Mob 0415 373 347) and I’ll book you in for your next session plus 10 minutes ‘my new website promotion’.


2 thoughts on “Hay fever

  1. Paul McLean

    Yes, I agree that reflexology helps Hayfever.. The reflexology that you did for me last week helped my sinus… I will be back hopefully this week sometime.

  2. cokobodybalance Post author

    Thanks Paul, I’m happy to hear it’s helped you. It is also helpful to drink green tea, green tea is included catechin which has good effect of killing allergy. I just am wishing summer is coming soon as possible.
    Looking forward to your come back!


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